"Emergency stop" over TCPIP connection doesnt' work

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I've "ESP8266-01" WiFi adapter connected with my RuRamps, all work fine, only the "emergency stop" doesn't work with Repetier Server (Version 0.90.7 Windows).
With the same TCP setting the "emergency stop" wotk fine with the latest version of Repetier Host.
What's the difference?



  • Do you have a own firmware xml description?

    Over TCP no reset can be send physically so emergency reduces down to sending the command

    <command type="emergencyStop">M112</command>
    form the firmware. In older versions M112 was send without lookup, so that might be reason. You can also test if sending M112 over console does a reset as that is all happening if you hit it.
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    Yes, using M122 i can reset the board also with Repetier Server, but not from the menu (i use MK4duo firmware).
    Only sometime the command work, not ever, and the printer is in stand-by.
    Inside the "Marlin.xml" of the Server:

        <command type="emergencyStop">M112</command>
        <command type="continueFatalStop">M999
            M110 N0

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    But after the reset i see the printer offline, to fix the problem i need to restart the Repetier Server Service.
    This is another big problem, present here also with the USB connected.

  • For me it works with usb. What motherboard does it have? If it is a malayan board be happy that it connects. RTS/DTR flags might be the reason here depending on motherboard interprets the signals.

    For TCP I have to test. Have no TCP printer so difficult to test. Will try with socat as workaround.
  • Ok, have now had time to run the socat tests with tcp. Worked fine with that setup. Found a delay of 1s that I removed and a wrong message implementation in case of emergency stop, but that was all.

    Effectively all it does is send M112 if you have TCP/IP connector selected. It does not disconnect and it does not disable the printer as you showed in the image. That would only happen if you select deactivate. If it can not connect but would like to the color would be red.
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