Repetier Server Printing Quality

Hello there,

I am having troubles to get a good quality print when using repetier server comunication. The print quality is okay when using the repetier-host via USB connecting my computer to the printer, but when I launch the print through the repetier-server the quality decreases notably. 

I am using a raspberry pi 3 to host the repetier server and the board of our printer is a Megatronics V3.0 running marlin firmware . Looks like the memory buffer that the boad is capable to process might be involved but I tried to modify some of these features in the marlin with no result. Note that I make the connection to the repetier server via ethernet cable and not wifi. 

Here some pictures attached:

In both pictures is possible to see that the definition of the layers is quite worse in the server one. 

What can I do to improve this? Is it the board or its firmware?

I am looking forward to solve it as I would like to add it to our network and manage more than one printer at the same time. 

Thanks in advance guys!

PD: In some other printers using ramps 1.4 and wifi connection I didn't have this problem. 



  • Quite a different and not normal. Looks a bit like underextrusion in the server version. Do you really print the exactly same gcode file? Is the flow multiplier and speed multiplier set identical.

    Please use the web frontend and check the console during print. If the print is not printing fluent and has many stops and pauses this could also cause a similar picture I guess. You would see that easily in console if you see many resends. That would mean your connection is not setup perfectly. E.g. frequent checksum mismatch is either wrong baud rate or input buffer size is too high. Normally it is 127 or 63 byte that works.
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