Slic3r Won't automatically slice and sent to Repetier

I know the title is long.  I didn't know a shorter way to word it but I basically would like for Repetier-Host to automatically slice and let me click the print icon.  I recently updated Repetier Host to 2.1.3 and I'm assuming Slic3r upgraded along with it.  Slic3r has a new interface.  So when I click to slice my model in repetier host, Slic3r opens up and shows my object on a bed.  Nothing happens after it slices.  I end up having to manually save the slicing to a folder and then close slic3r. I get an error stating it expected a file in a certain location and I load the save file to R-H for printing.  What am I missing?  I'd like it to be as it was before.  I slice and then wait a bit then print.

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  • Slic3r is not supposed to open the objects in it's graphic window. It should slice in background so host gets the sliced result back. But it important that it calls the console version. Our default setup would do that, so question is did you modify slic3r config in slicer manager in host? Path and data directory empty would use the default bundled slicer and default path.

    Which OS did you use?
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    I didn't modify it.  I just ran the update and the moment I clicked "slice with slic3r" I get that graphic window.  I have windows 7 64bit.  I'll look at the path and date directory tonight to see where it leads.

    P.S. Thanks for answering my plea for help!

  • Thanks Repetier guy!  It was indeed the path.  I changed it to repetier console and viola!  Back in business. 


    Happy camper.

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