Edit Object Auto Position Settings? (bring STLs closer together)

Is there any way to tell Repetier to Auto Position my STLs closer together?

Yes, I know that I can manually position my objects, but like, what is this, the 90s? lol

I can even position the objects in my 3D drawing program and export the group as a single STL, but Slic3r interprets objects differently if they are a single STL as opposed to a collection of STLs placed within Repetier. Exporting a large block of objects as a single STL seems to cause confusion about how Travel-Moves should be placed resulting in an unnecessarily long and complex print. This confusion may be a direct result of placing objects closer together than Repeteir expects, I am unsure.

Any fought this one before? Seems like there must be a built in setting, but it appears we don't have access to change it.

So, uh, hey 'Petie: Can we please have access to this placement setting?

We love you, we'll continue to donate. Thanks.


  • You are right, it is a fixed distance that you can not edit. Maybe in general settings or so I could add it to change.
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