Better layer selection in g-code editing

edited November 2018 in Feature Requests
Selecting the layer in g-code editing is not very convenient with "+/-", especially when the layers are many.
For example, if a g-code contains 500 layers and I want to change a line in the last I've to do 500 clicks on +, it is not absolutely comfortable.
It would therefore be useful to be able to at least have a form where to insert the number of the desired layer or the line number,
to be able to get quickly where i want to edit.



  • Switch to 2d preview. There is a ayer slider right to the graphic. Then switch back to gcode view and you are in same layer.
  • Ohh i see, not very intuitive but it's ok!
  • Yup. Will see if I can make it also a editable field to do the same for next release.
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