"Hourglass" in front of part

If i delete a GCode file and then upload a new file, it takes an unbearably long time to start printing.
If you delete no file before, the rendering process is much faster.
Even when printing with webcam and simultaneous upload, I only have 80% CPU utilization.
Used is a Raspberry Pi B +
So far, all versions had the problem.
Currently I use 0.90.7


  • Could not reproduce this. What I could see is that if the server is busy with rendering and you upload a new gcode it can not analyse before the last rendering is finished. So uploading, deleting will keep rendering running until it finishes. Upload during that time show the rotating dot circle and you can not start the print.

    Hope that is what you mean. For that case I have modified the handler to directly analyse file if it is less then 100MB. Will increase time till fileselector in browser may vanish but it will directly appear as printable just waiting for rendering.
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