How o set new ZYX = 0 (home?)

Im new with my printer and software, and I cannot set the cero for Z,Y, or X.
The hotbed keeps topping on the extuder itself trying to go higher and higher...


  • You start by homing the printer (G28) there it should stop at bed level as there ideally the z min endstop will trigger. If it does not your endstop might be too low/bed too high or printer is configured wrong if you configured it on your own or endstop is defect.


    Will show endstop status. You can move bed slowly until bed level and check M119. When you hit bed it should show H or triggered or whatever your firmware will call it. If not check where endstop is and trigger manually and see if it works. See how to adjust bed or endstop so it will trigger at right hight instead.
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