Since 90.7 Repetier Server looses WIFI Settings on reboot

Hi there,

I noticed that since 0.90.7 Update most of the times the Server restarts, it won't connect to the configured WIFI, instead creating an Access Point. I have to switch to WIFI everytime using the Touchscreen - which works fine, since I don't have to enter the Passcode again (so at least that is saved), but it is still annoying.

I am using the Raspberry PI Image (Upgraded since 0.86 I think) on a Rasberry PI 3 using the onboard WIFI Module. 
Range or Connection was never an issue in the Server Versions before, and since I have not changed any Hardware Component, it suggest it has to be the 0.90.7 Update...



  • Since you seem to have a display set hotspot to never connect. That should make linux always use latest wifi setup which is yours and hotspot mode will never think it needs to interfere. Not that it should do if it sees you are connected from last try but that seems to be happening for some reason. Maybe it starts up before connection is established and think switching to  ap is agood idea, but as soon as it sees your network it should switch back. 
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