printer went offline and does not working

i'm using repetier server for many months ago and everything was good,
but now something went wrong and the control icons disappeared and when i press the printer icon i found that the printer is unknown as in the pic attached, please help, i've an event and need my printer working ASAP.


  • why no one is caring from repetier server team????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • Hey, give us some time. Today is not even a working day and we live apparently in a different time zone!

    You seem to have lost the printer configuration. Were you already using 0.90.7 as that was a problem that could sometimes happen in older versions, but has been fixed. 
    If you have a backup printer configuration you just need to replace it in /var/lib/Repetier-Server/config otherwise delete existing restart server and create a new one with same name. Newer server version create a backup name.xml.bak then you can copy back, but I assume you have an older version.
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