no print option on SD card

 when the SD card is  inserted,  there is only the "Back" menu item? on the full graphic smart controller..
#ifndef SDSUPPORT  // Some boards have sd support on board. These define the values already in pins.h
#define SDSUPPORT 1
and this is the code i am using...(repetier firmware)


  • Check it in Repetier-Host to see in log if there is a problem with reading sd card or if card detection is not working.
  • well on the display it seems to be displaying the sd card inserted but when i go to the sd card menu there is only "back" options and there is no options for printing 
  • i have tried changing  the sd card and the problem is still the same

  • As I already said check it in Repetier-Host to see in log.
  • edited March 2019
    I have that precise problem: on the LCD controller under SD card the only choice is menu, nothing else. Did you work out the problem? How do I check my Log in Repetier Host?
  • In host disable easy mode and you should see the log at the bottom or can at least now enable it in toolbar.

    See if it lists files when it connects or what it says like failing to mount sd card.
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