Only one printer can connect at a time?

I'm pretty new, so hopefully I've missed a setting somewhere.  I have two MP Mini's connected a RPi 3B+ running the SD image of Repetier Server 0.90.7.  USB connected through a powered hub and the RPi is on a separate 2.5A power supply.

Finding good settings for the MP Mini's wasn't exactly easy, but I found settings that will allow each printer to connect.  My issue is that I can only have one printer connected at a given time.  If I have printer #1 active, printer #2 is disconnected and doesn't even try to connect.  If I deactivate printer #1, printer #2 connects right away, but #1 won't reconnect until I deactivate #2.

There are no errors in the server.log.  The Port closed lines are when I manually deactivate the printers.

My apologies if I missed something in the docs or on the forum.  I've only been working with this for a couple days, but I don't find any mention of this issue.


  • Especially with identical printers the device names may be identical (/dev/serial/by-id/...) - in that case you should select /dev/serial/by-path/... as port so they differ and you have 2 different to select from.
  • The printers are reporting diferent /by-id/...  I switched to /by-path/... and am seeing the same symptoms.

  • UPDATE: One of the guys in the shop had an old Odroid SBC and installed Ubuntu 18.x.x with Repetier Server 0.90.7 as a separate install and it connected with no problems.  I reimaged the Pi in the same arrangement, substituting the most recent Raspbian distro for the Ubuntu, and was also able to connect.  Seems like the RPi SD image either has an issue with handling USB or something got screwy during my particular install.  Obviously the Server component is working fine.

    In case anyone else ends up struggling with the MP Mini V2's my working setup is currently as follows:
    RPi 3B+
    Rasbian 4.14 (via NOOBS 2.9.0 because I'm lazy)
    BlackWeb 7 port powered USB Hub
    3x (Up to three now!  Wonder how many I get get on one Pi?) Monoprice Mini V2's, various firmware versions, connection options are:
    -Firmware: Marlin
    -Port: /dev/serial/by-id/...
    -Baud: Autodetect, seems to end up at 115200
    -RTS/DTR: both Low
    -Malyan fix: UNchecked

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