Repetier Host Enqueueing "G28", "G29", "G1 Z3" Commands in middle of Gcode for Unknown Reason

Hi all,

I'm using Repetier host to deliver Gcode to my 3D printer. I'm sending fairly simple Gcode generated by a python script with move and extrude commands. If I save the Gcode to an SD card and run it it works as it should, but if I add it to the Gcode Editor in Repetier host and run it, the printer starts running the Gcode, but will enque the following three commands in the middle of the print:

echo:enqueueing "G28"
echo:enqueueing "G29"
echo:enqueueing "G1 Z3"

It is also spitting out the following errors in those loops:

Error:Line Number is not Last Line Number+1, Last Line: 97
Resend: 98

I don't know why it is doing this, but it does it generally at the same spots in the print (although not always depending on if I have homed the printer before trying to run this Gcode.

When it finally stops looping G28, G29, and G1 Z3 it is at the home position, but the position in Repetier Host becomes the end position of the print I am sending via Gcode even though it's not at that position.

I am using a Korean 3D printer from Clone 3D, their K200 model. I also tried running code generated from my python script on a Monoprice Mini V2 and it works just fine on there. Originally, it was doing bed autoleveling in this loop as well (the G29 command) but I disabled that in the firmware (marlin).

Does anyone have any idea why I'm getting these G28, G29, and G1 Z3 commands in the middle of my print? I hope I'm missing something fairly simple.



  • First make sure your code does NOT contain line numbers. Host will add them as only host knows what current and next number should be.

    We do not add any commands in host on our own. We add start/end script if they contain gcode, so check if you had them there. These look much like start gcode you could have.

    Error messages without full context are useless. You need a log with commands and ack as well to see how the error happens.
  • The start and end code are empty in Repetier Host.

    Here is the Gcode input:

    ;************ Initialize Coater ************

    G21 ; set units to millimeters

    M302 ; enable cold extrusion

    G90 ; use absolute coordinates

    M82 ; use absolute distances for extrusion

    G92 E0 ; reset extrusion volume

    G0 F6000.000 ; set moving speed

    ;**** Homing & Flushing the head ****

    G0 Z25.000 F6000.000 ;z axis safe place

    G0 X90.000 Y130.000 F6000.000 ; moving to Home position

    G0 Z10.000 F6000.000 ; move z axis to offset position

    G1 E3.200 F1800.000 ;dispense small amount to remove void

    G1 E1.920 F1800.000 ; retract syringe

    G0 Z25.000 F6000.000 ; lift up nozzle

    ;**** Coating Start ****

    ; stripe No. 1.000

    G0 X90.000 Y30.000 F6000.000 ; moving to starting position

    G0 Z9.880 F6000.000 ; move z axis to negative position to make a contact

    G1 E4.480 F1800.000 ; move syringe position to original or original plus extra dispense

    G4 P3000.000 ; time delay to form meniscus

    G0 Z10.000 F6000.000 ; set nozzle height for # printing

    G1 Y110.000 E11.136 F1800.000 ; coating in +y direction

    G1 E9.856 F1800.000 ; retract syringe

    G4 P0.000 ; time delay for drying film

    G0 Z25.000 ; lift up nozzle

    ;************ End of Coating ************

    M18 ; disable motors

    G0 Z25.000 F6000.000 ;move z axis to moving height

    G0 X90.000 Y130.000 F6000.000 ; moving to Home position

    G0 Z30.000 F6000.000 ; move z axis to home height

    ;total volume used in this coating is 17.400ul

    This is the log, with commands:

    11:12:56.894 : N292 G21*19

    11:12:56.894 : N293 M302*42

    11:12:56.894 : N294 G90*31

    11:12:56.894 : N295 M82*23

    11:12:56.894 : N296 G92 E0*74

    11:12:56.897 : N297 G0 F6000*69

    11:12:56.897 : N298 G0 Z25 F6000*55

    11:12:56.908 : N299 G0 X90 Y130 F6000*113

    11:12:56.908 : N300 G0 Z10 F6000*49

    11:12:56.940 : N301 G1 E3.200 F1800.000*17

    11:12:56.940 : N302 G1 E1.920 F1800.000*25

    11:12:56.940 : N303 G0 Z25 F6000*52

    11:12:56.940 : N304 G0 X90 Y30 F6000*69

    11:12:56.940 : N305 G0 Z9.88 F6000*34

    11:12:56.955 : N306 G1 E5.120 F1800.000*17

    11:12:56.956 : N307 G4 P3000*90

    11:12:56.956 : N308 G0 Z10 F6000*57

    11:12:56.971 : N309 M117 ETE 03s*10

    11:12:56.971 : Printing layer 1 of 1

    11:12:56.972 : N310 G1 Y110.000 E11.776 F1800.000*113

    11:12:56.972 : N311 G1 E10.496 F1800.000*43

    11:13:17.241 : echo:enqueueing "G28"

    11:13:17.241 : echo:enqueueing "G29"

    11:13:17.242 : N313 M117 ETE 00s*2

    11:13:17.242 : N314 G4 P0*107

    11:13:17.242 : N315 G0 Z25*83

    11:13:17.242 : N316 M18*30

    11:13:17.257 : echo:enqueueing "G1 Z3"

    11:13:17.257 : N317 G0 Z25 F6000*49

    11:13:29.878 : N318 M117 ETE 00s*9

    11:13:29.878 : N320 G0 X90 Y130 F6000*114

    11:13:29.898 : echo:enqueueing "G28"

    11:13:29.898 : Printjob finished at 10/22/2018 11:13 AM

    11:13:29.898 : Printing Time: 33s

    11:13:29.898 : Lines Send: 25

    11:13:29.906 : N321 G0 Z30 F6000*48

    11:13:29.906 : N322 M104 T0 S0*34

    11:13:30.521 : echo:enqueueing "G29"

    11:13:30.521 : N323 M140 S0*103

    11:13:30.537 : echo:enqueueing "G1 Z3"

    11:13:30.537 : N324 M84*26

    11:13:45.175 : echo:enqueueing "G28"

    11:13:45.177 : echo:enqueueing "G29"

    11:13:45.177 : echo:enqueueing "G1 Z3"

    11:14:05.264 : Error:checksum mismatch, Last Line: 321

    11:14:05.264 : Resend: 322

    11:14:05.269 : Resend: N322 M104 T0 S0*34

    11:14:05.269 : Resend: N323 M140 S0*103

    11:14:05.269 : Resend: N324 M84*26

  • Also you have a code that is named homing there is no homing in your code. You also see that we do not send homing to firmware. So my best guess is that your firmware decided it is time to home so moves are executed as expected.
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