File Management

I want to be able to load .gcode files to the server for all printers to use from the same pool. I have found that I can load them for a single printer and point all printers to the printer I load them for. Is there a way to have a global location that isn't tied to a specific server? The problem is if I remove the printer all of the files are under, I have to leave it in the list as a disabled printer or all the files go away. Is there a better solution for file management?


  • Latest versions have projects. A project is just a printer independent store. Mainly meant for projects with stl files so you can add comments and have them at one place with easy search functions. The point is, you can also store gcodes there and move gcodes to printer models or print directly from them as well. Only drawback is that analysis/rendering only happens upon action, because that depends on the printer and archives are printer independent.
  • So if I understand you correctly, does that mean that if I use the projects to store the gcode, there will be a pause before each print because it will need to rerender/analyze the gcode every time?
  • Yes, also the pause will only be the analyze, the render will happen while printing. So it will only be a few seconds before it starts printing.
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