Repetier Server Raspberry pi 3 B+ Webcam issue

I recently installed a new router linksys w32x and i have been having a hard time connecting to it, when i finally got it working the webcam disconnects and connects all the time. I tried a fresh install of the newest image file with no luck. Is this a problem with the router, raspberry pi 3 or is it a software issue?

Im using two printers with seperat raspberry pi and both acted the same way. they are positioned 2meters from the routers.


  • Are you sure the webcam disconnects and not the connection to the server. I mean if the frontend shows "Connection  lost trying to reconnect" it is the internet connection to the server that has been broken. How does it work if the webcam is not shown at all. Is then everything stable.

    At the moment I can not say what it is, description is not good enough to say which component is responsible.

    You should also have a look at /var/log/syslog on the pi. There you should see relevant informations like mjpg_streamer restarts and wifi changes.

    Another tip is try to change the channel on your router. Some channels work better then others if there are less users of same channel in neighbourhood. 5GHz network is faster also possible distance is lower, but 2m should be no problem. Just make sure if you have both that they use different ssid names.

    Hope something helps to sort it out.
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