Severe delayed start Repetier Server

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What has changed between versions .86.2 and .90.7?

I have 10 printers running off of 1 raspberry (I have for over a year) and 3 others on another. Recently I updated the one running the 3 and anytime I start a new print on one of the printers it pauses or causes the other 2 to stutter. I had this issue rarely with the one running the 10 printers. Usually when that one started acting up a simple reboot would take care of it. 

I have all our gcode stored locally on the raspberry, usually when I click print it takes just a split second and goes through the process of starting, now when I click print there is about a 5 to 8 second delay with a progress bar like its uploading something then freezes all the other printers.

Im 100 percent sure its not the raspberry or memory card. I have 8 new raspberry's and have changed new ones in 3 times. I have also reimaged and used 3 other brand new memory cards.

I also (like always) have the intensive tasks offloaded to 4 other computers, so there is always one available.


  • Communication handling has not changed. But it is a upgrade that will recalculate all gcodes locally (time predictions always done locally). Sounds like you have many gcodes so wait for the parsing of them all to be finished before you start first print after upgrading. Running htop you will then see that the load goes down. Also this is multithreaded it uses the sd card so I guess it comes from that bottleneck, but as said it vanishes one calulations are through.
  • well the code files are all stored on the same sd as the raspberry drive. They are just in a folder, so there is no transferring of the files anywhere when I click print. Its set up under the folders as /home/pi/gcode. There is absolutely no delay with the other PI running the 10 printers only the one that's running the new version.

    The other PI I click print and there is no progress bar or delay this new version with every gcode (even one thats been printed previously by the same printer) there is a 5 to 7 second delay and progress bar and is brings everything to a halt then they all go back to printing, which by then it has messed the other prints up.

    Is there a link for the older version of the raspberry image so I can just down load that and go back to it??
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  • I'm currently totally confused. What has /home/pi/gcode to to with starting a print. That folder is not used by default. Can you tell exactly which functions on which pages you are using so I know where to look for. I don't think I know which one you are using.

    You can download older versions by replacing the download link, but 0.90.x is not exactly downward compatible so printer configs will not contain all settings as the format has changed. Also there were some problems which I would not advice to go back, rather find the problem and fix it.
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    The /home/pi/gcode was me simply stating where on the raspberry drive the gcode is stored. At which point the prints are started from direct print. It's the only way to use a structured folder system to organize our gcodes by projects.

    Going back to the previous version is fine with me. There's no new options or changes that I find that I need.

    I would love to find the problem so that future upgrades would be possible but I have exhausted everything hardware on my end that I can.

    Also I can't just change the version number in the download link because Im unaware of what the v12 should be changed to. I can change it to 0_86_2 but the v12 will not allow it to work.

    Link now. :

  • Ok, so you just do direct print from locally stored files like meant for usb sticks etc. Will test that, but I'm not aware of having changed it. Will test anyway just to be sure.

    No, you should not download another image. Only download a older server package (arm el) from normal download page and install using
    sudo dpkg -i filename.deb

    that only downgrades the server version and not the image fixes done.
  • Ok, Ill give the downgrade a shot. but please do test it.
  • Ok, I did the downgrade and everything is back to normal. No delay when starting prints and no interference with other printers prints.
  • To which version did you downgrade?
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    I downgraded to 86.2

    All is still working as it should. Where you able to test the newer version?
  • I'm currently testing a Pi Zero W making sometimes a pause at least with one print I have. That is the only printer/server combo so far where I could produce it. Will what I find who is responsible for this. Could likely be the same reason if you have multiple printers.
  • Ok, thanks for looking into this.

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