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i have a couple of different webcams and they all show the same "error":
they are running in auto white balance mode , whats totally disturbing when illumination changes.
I just know it´s possible to fix whitebalance in programs like vlc viewer but is there a way to add
such a feature in repetier server to control camera settings ?
like f.e. whitebalance , contrast...

may be you have a solution or you can point me a way.


  • Server only sends the received jpg - modyfing this is too cpu intensive. You can check mjpg_streamer if you can set it there. In the official web interface of the webcam you can adjust many things. Maybe you can add some parameter to adjust this by default. /usr/local/Repetier-Setup/etc/webcam.conf has the used settings and you can add additional flags I think.
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