Webcam snapshot per Layer

I am not exactly sure what it is called, but want to see the ability to have the webcam take a 1 second shot on each new layer. If I remember correctly, OctoPi already does this, just not sure what they call it.


  • Ok, found the OctoLapse plugin... so something like this would be really nice to have for Repetier Server.
  • Agreed, having extruder out of the way is a good idea, just have to think how to insert it best.
  • honestly, I wouldn't be concerned about the extruder being at the start of the new layer. Having it out of the way introduces different issues that could cause a print to fail.
  • Not sure what you want to say with th elast comment. As far as I see it the plugin is about having extruder at a defined position so object can be seen and it gives a nice timelapse.

    That this requires a move outside that can reduce quality is correct, so we will make it an option if you want to risk it. Would normally disturb afte the first extrusions in new layer, so it depends if you extrude inner or outer perimeter first. For inne rperimeter first it is not that dangerous if you do not tend to stringing.
  • I was saying to start, it really wouldn't matter to have the extruder move out of the way. Just a trigger on the layer shift in my opinion would be just as good since each new layer starts relatively in the same general location each layer. I also read that with the OctoLapse plugin, they warn that having the extruder move out of the way may cause failures.
  • Timelapse is a decoupled thread that watches for layer changes. Problem is that printers buffer quite some lines so you never know exactly where the extruder is when you make a snapshot. That is at least the case for the unmodified and undisturbed code. For the new feature it will add a artificial pause so we exactly know when the snapshot is taken. This of course is non optimal for the print of course but in most cases it is no problem. It is just like a move between 2 objects on print plate. With retraction it should not be a really visible thing and of course it is optional. Failure is a quite harsh word for this effect. But I will see when I test it.
  • Ok, my implementation seems to work already fairy good. So will be included in next update.
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