Repetier-server Rasbian Wlan issue

Hi, I have installed Repetier-server pro 0.90.7 on a Rasberry Pi 3 running Rasbian. Everything is working fine except for the wlan that is inactive from the server setting (both on the touch gui and the browser) stating "This installation does not support wifi configuration" while everything works fine if I connect directly through Rasbian... any idea how to fix this?


  • Are you using our server image or just raspbian with server on it? The wifi requires an addition to the pi (some files in /var/lib/Repetier-Setup) and some configs. Otherwise our wifi control can not work also you can still use manual wifi configuration then.
  • I am using raspbian with server on it. Can you tell me which files do I need to use to fix this? I would prefer to keep using that system but the access to the wifi setting and the AP mode on the touch gui are really useful...
  • The image also has automatic webcam detection and usb insertion detection and screensaver management. So that is a complete package that is not really trivial to install. So the easier way is to install our image which is also raspbian just a bit shrinked to the required stuff and with some extra configurations. If you backup 


    and install it on the new image you have same settings and files as on the old image.
  • I tried that and everything worked fine except the light control... I edited the command in the /usr/local/firmware/marlin.xlm file to execute some scripts that were working perfectly in the previous installation... (the scripts themselvethemselves work). Have you got any idea what I am forgetting?
  • Best with such problems is to check in console with commands/ack enabled. Then you see what gets send to printer. As far as I know it shoudl send one of these commands from the xml file:
        <command type="caseLightsOn">M355 S1</command>
        <command type="caseLightsOff">M355 S0</command>

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