Still get the Red Error Window even if " Error: Printer halted. kill() called!" is changed to....

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Still get the Red Error Window even if "Error: Printer halted. kill() called!"  is changed to "Error: Printer halted. kill(xx) called!"

I want to add a number to the "kill()"  text, so it becomes "kill(xx)", and I would like for Repetier-host to still react with a Red pop-up error/warning window, even if there is a number included in the line: "Error: Printer halted. kill(xx) called!"

One reason I want to add this number to the "kill(xx)" text is; that it becomes easier to identify (especially for the new user) what ever actually caused the HALT/kill() reaction from the 3D printer firmware. 

See this repository for an example of how I have already implemented this new kill_ID number in a development fork of the Marlin Firmware.



  • Ok have modified the test string to "Printer halted. kill" so it should match both versions. Will be included in next update.
  • Thank you.
    I will be looking forward to testing :-) 
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