Printer Still Attempting to Connect Even When Turned Off

I'm having issues with Repetier Server trying to connect and then disconnecting from my Rostock Max V2 printer after it's been shut off. I tuned it off at the power source just to confirm there was power going to the board. Is this a known issue? Is there a setting I need to change?


  • I will add that when the printer is on it works very well and there are no connection issues.
  • Maybe the board works like the Rambo Einsy which has USB visible without power and firmware/processor has no power. That makes port always visible. In that case go to printer connection settings in server and select "Port is visible even if printe ris not running". That will stop the timeout and you will not see the on/off tests.
  • That's 2 for 2! Thank you for your help! Secondary question. I am using Simplify3D for all slicing purposes. If I go through and make sure that the printer settings in Retpetier Server match the slicing it wont cause any issues right? are the printer setting just for computing the time remaining?
  • Exactly, the settings are used to compute printing time and remaining time during print. We do not modify any gcodes if send. Also be aware about this article:
    that shows how a gcode can be send directly to server from simplify3d.

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