Pibot 2.0 can't connect


my Pbot 2.0 won't connect to the Repetier host.

I've searched, found and tried evrything but can't get it to connect. I can flash it with Arduino and it works fine with the Pibot Version of Repetier. But because that Version is very old I'd like to use the original Repetier software. I've went through different drivers and I have the COM port correct and the baud rates as well. I Always get

14:01:07.582 : Communication timeout - reset send buffer block

Anybody have the Pibot running with Repetier Host that can help me?



  • It is still the same serial driver, so if you copy printer settings->connection 1:1 it should be no problem. Or is the version that old that it contains DTR/RTS settings as well? In thazt case you could try to use repetier-server to connect and connect the new host to repetier-server to talk to printer. That way you can even close host and print continues in background.
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    The old Version has "reset on connect DTR low->high->low"
    I tried the server already with no luck.

    I noticed 2 things... the most obvious is that when the Server is already running and the pibot is then connected it hangs with 2 lines of black squares in the display. When I turn the Server off the pibot emmediatly boots.

    When I click connect in the pibot version, all 4 lines are filled solid and shortly after that the pibot "welcome screen" appears. I'm assuming that this is an initial reboot before connection. Which is the second thing I noticed… when I click connect in Repetier-host nothing happens. But when I then click disconnect after the time out the same thing happens as does in the pibot version when it connects.

    It seems that they are talking to one another, but not like they should.
  • Try in server for DTR/RTS High->Low insetad of low/high. My guess is that low triggers reset so it never boots.
  • Thanx... I set both to DTR and RTS to low and it worked. (Low/High also worked)

    Is there a reason why it's not settable in the host? The Server is great, but the Printer is hooked to the PC anyway and one has to Keep track of 2 programs. Maybe I'll see the Advantage when I get to know printing better.

  • At some point is was not required because all known printers worked with same setting. Something that seems to have changed.
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