Uploading gcode file

Since I updated to latest version, I'm having an issue with uploading a gcode to repetier server on raspberry pi3.  After upload, I get this "Open slow background computation" and takes long time for the upload to complete.  Until this computation is finished, I cannot print it.... Why is this? Version 0.90.6-Chronus-35


  • Why do you think you can not print? I mean you are right that waiting makes sense so it can use the computed images for the print instead of computing that again. But is possible to start directly.

    The background computation always existed. It is only new that we now show that these are being done. This helps to understand if server reacts a bit slower. But normally it has no effect on the printing process.
  • It's not that I think I cannot print or not.  After I upload the gcode, the "Open slow background computation" sign comes up and nozzle icon (icon that shows up usually after upload completes) does not show.  Without this icon, I can't print the gcode.  I hope this clarifies.
  • nevermind, today, I tried again and it only had 1 slwo background computation.  I think what happened was that I had a 502 bad gateway and using ssh logged in and deleted *.gin files per some recommendation in this forum.  Maybe due to that it was re-generating all uploaded file content or something?  Anyways, I'm good, sorry to bother.

  • Ok, that explains it. Print icon depends on gin file which contains printing time etc. After upload it gets computed directly but if oyu had all deleted it takes a time to catch up a son restart it saw there is much needing an update.
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