Printer not moving full distance of print bed...

I have just set up a new install of Repitier 1.0.2 on a ZoneStar Zrib, have set up all the configuration using the Repitier config tool, compiles and loads to printer just fine, the problem im having is the printer will not travel the length of the print bed,, I have set the dimension of the print bed to X 600mm, Y 600mm, Z 600mm.. If i tell the printer to move 20mm in any direction it moves 20mm or there abouts so I know the steeps are set correctly for the motors in the config file, now if i tell it to move anything over 200mm it sits there and never moves.. Can anyone help me with this problem?

I know its not the board because I have tried it on an ardiuno Mega with Ramps 1.4 also with the same results..


  • Open eeprom settings in host/server eeprom editor and see what x/y/z length is set there.

    Alternatively delete eeprom by config settings sending

    and try again.
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