Ultimaker 3

Hello. Tell me, how can I connect my Ultimaker 3 to the server?

If this is not possible at the moment, will it be added in the future?


  • I don't have a ultimaker but as fas as I know they use Marlin modified, so selecting Marlin as firmware and setting port/baudrate when connected to usb port of the ultimaker should suffice to get it working.
  • I was talking about the network connection. In Ultimaker 3 USB only for flashdrives.
  • If they have a 1:1 forwarding port it might work. The server can connect to a TCP port and communicate over this the same as with serial console. From their page I see these ports get used:
    • 5353: Discovery
    • 80: Printer control
    • 8080: Camera feed
    Not sure which would be used e.g. by cura or if they have a special ultimaker only solution. Would just try all 3 with your printers ip and see if one manages to connect. I guess 80 will be some web interface to control so I'd bet on 5353 also discovery might by anything.
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