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I use Homeassistant to  track the status of several sensors at home. I would like to integrate repetier into the homeassistant to be allowed to see the print status with my home data or even to start or stop prints. There is an octoprint component right now that works with homeassistant https://www.home-assistant.io/components/sensor.octoprint/, so it should be possible. If not can somebody give some ideas about how to do it?. I'm also working on send and receive MQTT commands with the server to be allowed to turn on and off the printers from homeassistant, it will be nice to have an mqtt configuration section on repetier server UI. 

Thank you.


  • I have put it on my todo but do not expect it to come soon. Printing relevant features have priority. This is more a nice to have feature. Maybe with a direct alexa solution it might attrack more users e.g. if you can ask for an alarm when print is finished, also I'm not sure this can be done.
  • I'm currently doing some finishing touches on a sensor platform for Home Assistant, to get states from all printers attached to Repetier Server.

    Perhaps I'd need a few beta testers before going public. I'd recon I have the platform ready for testing within a few days.
  • Nice to know, tell me how can I help you to test it.
  • I have hassio and repetier running, so i can test too.
  • Just send me a PM if you would like to be a beta tester, and I'll return you a link to my GitHub when the platform are ready for testing.
  • I would be very happy about MQTT messages.
    so you have nice options.
    esp8826 + OLED Dispay + FHEM

  • Just for information. I had a look into MQTT and how it works and I like the idea, also users should then know what they do opening it. I think it should be possible to send events and allow clients to send api calls as described in web api. Will not be in next release but in a following update it might be included.
  • Well - it took alot longer than I anticipated, BUT .....

    From Home Assistant v0.94 the Repetier platform are in the official Home Assistant codebase. Currently only as a bunch of sensors, but I have plans to make some controls available too at a later stage.
  • Yes and it will take even more time. It is on my todo but many other things as well. If you need it faster you need to use a client on the repetier pc that converts MQTT to webapi calls. That will be working any time. For status query this is quite easy as a get query will return you the status as json.
  • I understand you have a lot on your plate and you have added home assistant integration to the todo list. Please do not underestimate the importance of such a feature and the difference it can make to peoples lives.

    I have an incomplete spinal cord injury and fortunately have retained most my motor function and sensation, but I volunteer at a resort for people living with spinal cord injury that often have little to no hand function.

    Recently I have helped to introduce 3D printing as both a tool for the resort and activity for guests. home automation makes life for people living with spinal cord injury better through allowing them to be more independent. People with with SCI rely heavily on carers for almost everything so every bit of control given back to them makes their life more meaningful.

    Just my 2 cents, Love your work.
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