Reset send buffer block and wrong checksum errors

I am making models, slicing them, then running them in repetier. However, I am getting errors. One error is "Communication time out, resend buffer block" and the other is "Wrong Checksum" I get the communication error randomly and the wrong checksum error after each layer. I have tried to change buadrate to no success. How can I go about fixing this? Thank you!



  • Depends on firmware. Some marlin versions have problem with M117 sometimes. On the other side if it gets corrected by host it is no firmware problem directly just a communication error. If you only get it sometimes you can ignore it.

    If you have marlin go to advanced config and enable wait and sending line numbers. That would reduce or even remove the time out problem. And the rest can be ignored if it happens randomly but not frequently.
  • Thank you for the help. I do not have marlin, I have repetier firmware, and it happens frequently, how should I fix it?
  • if you have arduino due clone it might be solved with updating the 16u2.(that was the reason i had on my due clone).

    follow these instructions :

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