3D Printer cluster

Hi. I am new here and have not used repetier software. I am building a 3D printer cluster consisting of 12 machines. As i understood, the software can handle that much. I am intending to use this powered USB hub: https://www.amazon.com/ORICO-Aluminum-Charging-Adapter-Indicator/dp/B00NAMKDDY
My first question would be what OS should i plan to maximize reliability?
I am planning on building cartesian pick and place robot to swap magnetic build plates. Is there a way in this software to control it as well, say after a print is completed, gcode is sent to robot to do a plate swap and repeat the print
Thank you


  • I would go with a Ubuntu or Debian linux installation on a normal pc. 

    You can write a end gcode for every printer where oyu can have gcode send to the printer firmware. If the pick and place needs a separate communication you always can use server side commands like execute to start an external program that does tell the pick and place machine to do it's job. With the new 0.90.5 this can even be syncronous so it will wait for script to finish if you define the command with sync="true".
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