Webserver stop but continue printing

I have a RPI3B running repetier server 0.90.4 and it happened several times that in the mid of a print the webserver (http://mys-server-IP:3344) says that connection is lost but I can't reconnect untill I reboot the raspberry. Fortunately, the repetier server main instance keeps running because the printers keep printing normally untill the current print finishes, but I can´t know the current status or change parameters or view the webcams or start a new print job.


  • When this happens can you still login using ssh or ping the pi? Since the server seems to be still running the question is if the ip has changed or wifi did go down or if it is a server internal problem.
  • I will try to connect with ssh the net time it happen, the IP never changes because its an static IP set by the router (just to get easier to connect each time), The wifi keeps running because my laptop is connected though the same wifi and te signal strength high on the raspberry pi). But i will try to connect directly to the pi.
  • I couldn't replicate it anymore, I think that it was due an nmap tracker that was scanning constantly the network to keep presence tracking of some devices. I sopped it and this issue seemed to stop. I will keep updating it if I see some changes or the problem appears another time.
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