home coordinates and bed offset

when I hit home, all 3 axes go to "home" but when I hit go to 0,0,10 (X,Y,Z), my x and y go about 20mm into the bed, and not at the near left corner, where  0,0 should be.
Where in repetier can I set this?   I tried changing the bed shape, giving 20,20 for the x and y origin points in the Printer Settings tab, but that doesnt seem to do anything. 
Anyone with a solution to this?   Thanks


  • Positions are not aware of any bed positions, but you can of course adjust where which coordinates are. You can define the minimum positions for x, y, z and the length. But you also need to be aware that with multiple extruders all positions must be reachable with all extruders, which the fimware ensures. So if you have T0 at offset x=0 and T1 at X=30 homing with T0 active will move 30mm away from the endstop so you can activate T1 at the same place. If that is then 20mm from bed side you can not do much as the edge is not reachable with all extruders. In all cases you can just adjust the values. If you home max direction you need to increase length.
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