Virtual Machine on a Server to run the Repetier Server

I am running Windows Server 2016 on a virtual machine on my Poweredge R420 but am no able to connect to my printer for some reason, I previously used my PC to host the server and it worked fine but my connection ports are limited too VirtualCartesian and VirtualDelta, I use to just have a USB Port that I would connect it too but don't have anything showing up. This is obviously causing some issues with trying to print anything as it is not detecting the Printer on the Virtual Machine, trying to troubleshoot it but wondering if anyone else has had this issue and has a solution too it?


  • Don't know how to solve this for your virtual machine, but when I do this with parallels I need to tell it to show the printer usb connection to the virtual machine. You need to do the same, then you can install the udb serial driver and the port will show up.
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    Hyper-V doesn't support USB or COM passthru from the host machine to the VM. Only from an Enhanced RDP session. You would need to run VMware Workstation or VirtualBox as the VM host … or use a network USB client/server program like "USB Redirector" to share the host USB port w/ the guest.

    It looks like VirtualHere ( will let you share a single USB port for free. This might work for you.
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