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I'm going to be setting up a CNC mini-mill from OpenBuilds.  It will be driven by an Arduino setup running GRBL 1.1.  I was wondering if I would be able to customize my RS to control it by creating a new XML file for the GRBL firmware and adding it to the /usr/local/RepetierServer/firmware folder?  Is RS extensible that way, or does it take more to support a different firmware?


  • For firmwares similar to RepRap firmwares this should be possible if the basic communication uses the same checksum/ok method. Then you can adjust response texts to what GRBL responds and add a matching init gcode. That was one of the targets of having that format.

    As a first test you could try connect with marlin firmware and see if communication in general is possible. If there are only minor problems in format let me know and I might be able to change that so grbl is also supported then.
  • Ok, it will be awhile before I get this mill built, but in the meantime, I believe I saw GRBL has an emulator on their website that I can install, so I will play with that a little bit and see how it sends responses, etc.
  • Hi there all,
    any progress on this?  I am just about to set up a laser cutter on GRBL and use server Pro for my 3D printers.and would like to stay with this rather than learning something new.

  • No, haven't had time to create a GRBL instance and check requirements.
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