ETA is completely wrong

I have looked all over to find out how to get my server to show the ETA more accurately.

Slic3r PE was updated recently to show a very accurate timing for print jobs. However when I print from my server, it calculates a new ETA and that one is off by a couple hours when its a long print, while short prints are off by up to an hour depending on the time it is supposed to take.

Can I tweak any settings in Server so that it shows correctly? Or at least closer to the real ETA? I've tried making adjustments in the printer settings, but it hasn't helped at all.

BTW, I am using Linux version of server


  • are you shure the Server Settings match Firmware Settings?

    from my experience especially mismatch of acceleration values result in big differences from calculated slicer ETA

    to Server ETA.( In my case Server ETA is pretty close to real ETA)

  • Yeah, I have matched the firmware to Server and still isn't even close
  • Make sure in server config all values in Printing Time Calculations match the firmware settings. Also calibrate temperature change timings in extruder tab. Currently I think acceleration changes from slicer are not considered. We want to add that in next release. But if you do not modify it server calculates pretty accurate normally.
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