Upgrade to 0.90.4 on Rpi removed heated bed and webcam

I recently performed an upgrade from Repetier Server Pro 0.90.1 to 0.90.4 from the "Check for Updates" menu option on Raspberry Pi - Raspbian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie). The upgrade removed my heated bed configuration and the webcam config. I was able to easily add them back, but I don't think the upgrade should have done that.


  • No it shouldn't, but these 2 parts have now chenged storage format compared to < 0.90.0. On my tests they have always upgraded automatically, but in 0.90.1 was a bug so that may be related.
  • Same issue when I upgraded recently. Heated bed showed active in settings but wouldn't show the manual controls. Went into settings, removed and then saved the heated bed option again. Voila... heated bed manual controls were back.
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