3 Color Diamond Single Nozzle and wipe tower

Hi. First I want to say I love Repetier-Firmware and Host. But i have some problem with
cura engine. I know this engine is integrated in repetier. But this engine have big problem for me, implementation of engine don't support 3 extruders for command T0/T1/T2. When I slice with this engine he slice only T0/T1 and even I select T0/T3. I found little solution for it, I just replaced only T1 to T2 symbolc on GCode file and this work for 2 clolr print with single nozzle, wipe towwer and mixing extruder but I can't make 3 color print with wipe tower because engine don't catch information about it. How it possible to fix it. Maybe you have contacts of developers of this plugin. It's would be fantastic. Bests Regards!
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