Lcd display

There is a way to control the time that the messages remains in the bottom line of the LCD ?
By now the "ETE ..." message is most of the time on it and the "PRINTING LAYER ..." Is a lot short. There are another message about my filament diameter (I've installed a sensor) that is shown only one second.
Can I adjust these times?


  • The messages form server are send every 10 seconds. How long this holds depends mainly on the moves catured between them. You can not change that, only whcih of the messages you want to see. The diameter comes from firmware I guess and simply deletes the message from server so that may be the reason you see one shorter. 
  • Then, can I delete the ETE message?, how?, it is on the computer display twice.
  • Solved.
    Uncheck "Sen ETA to printer display" in Configuration/Printer
    Thank you
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