Print estimates between host and server vary wildly

Why is it that I slice on repetier host and then send to the server but the print time estimates are wildly off?

My host says 2.5 hours and my server may say 8 hours on the same object when I send it.  I just sliced one and it said 20:26:15.  I sent it to the printer and it says 35 hours and 51 minutes.  Both are wrong to a large degree as one that says 2.5 hours on the host and 8 hours on the server may actually take 5 hours.

I commonly do prints that run 24 hours but when I see 35 hours+ I usually start second guessing whether I actually need it or not.

I also noticed that sometimes I can send a second time and get a much lower number on the exact same object with the exact same slice.


  • Host assumes feedrate from code * multiplier for estimating acceleration/deceleration. Server is much more accurate but you need to set the real accelerations/jerk from firmware to make it precise. 
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