Stream from IP camera

I would like to add mjpg stream from IP camera to repetier server web interface. The camera is working fine, the stream works in printer setup window, but not in printer window and home page. The error message in log file is "Missing boundary in webcam stream, stopping."
It is simple to integrate http stream to web page, but all web pages are hard coded in repetierserver binary.
Re-encoding stream by ffserver works, but it takes a lot of processing time on slow on slow hw.


  • The boundary seperates the images in the stream. My guess would be that the camera uses a definition the server does not understand. If you can put it with port forwarding to the internet for a few days I could check and fix the problem for next release. You can send me a pm so it is not public known and of course can point the camera to some discrete spot. All I need is the stream with the problematic boundary definition. I have already found wrong versions that some parses tolerate, but seems like there are more:-)
  • Why repetierserver does some stream processing? Usually the server and camera are on the same subnet. Then why is not source stream url embeded to the html code and keep all processing on client side web browser. Then it will be possible to use all html media formats.
  • Ok, thank you for the stream. I have fixed it and you can now remove it if wanted. Problem was how content type was defined. Normally you have ;boundary=myboundary and that webcam put the boundary in quotes ;boundary="myboundary". After removing the quotes the webcam was working perfect, so from 0.90.5 on you should have no problems with the webcam.

    In the beginning we used the solution without proxy, but there were 2 reason to change that:
    1. If you access it from outside using port forwarding you are not in the same subnet, so this solution still solves this and makes webcam from outside available with a single port forward.
    2. Outside connections and even sometimes locally the traffic is too high so you can not transfer full webcam framerate. With our recoding we can drop frames if required. That way the webcam does not lag that much behind.

  • Hi, thank you very much for fast solving the problem. I extracted camera binary firmware and I tried to fix the problem on camera side. Now it is not necessary.
    Regarding proxy solution, it is fine that it is necessary to forward only one port, but for our printers we use vpn connection for security reasons. All printers and cameras are on the separate wifi network with vpn access from outer internet. Is pity that you removed option for connection without proxy and re-encoding, now we have not control over stream quality, size, frame rate or format.
  • We do not change quality. We copy jpg images 1:1 from one to the other stream. So as long as connection speed is no issue you get the full stream.

    And your vpn solution is good, but out of scope of many other users and we have to work for all:-)
  • That is ok. Where can I download version 0.90.5 for testing? Or when is plan to release it?
  • There are some new things I need to test before releasing. But it is planned to be released shortly, hopefully within a week.
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