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I am a new user of Repetier Host which I like very much. I was surprised when I did not find any "Run from here" function. As a long time Mach3 user I'm used to resume an unfinished print from a particular line. Mach makes a fast background run to your chosen line, then it gives you the ability to set a security z-height in a popup window before continuing. After that, it moves the printhead to that safety z-height and starts printing from the line forward with all commands from the begining of the g-code. This would be a really desirable addition to Repetier which can also be found in people's writings online.


  • It is planned for Repetier-Server to have a continue function. And host can use server to print it's models. But of course still future. We want to combine it with autodetect where print stopped. Also you might loose some lines for which the state is unknown.
  • Of course, if you can do that, keep the position in memory let's say after a power failure.
    If I stop in Mach the position is automatically set in memory, last line nbr, xpos, ypos, zpos, epos.
    In case of run out of filament I make a stop and move the print head with keyboard to the position where it ended.  By knowing the exact position it's easy to find the line an continue from here.
  • I do not want to have it in memory. In case of power failure the server will normally crash as well. I want a special log keeping the send position on disk. That way after restart I see the last position in file also it might miss some lines from not having been flushed. In the more common case of a connection abort it will know the exact position of commands that have been send. Not so easy especially as you might need to home and many printers have z min homing which you can not do with objects on bed. But often we can assume the start position is last z so that should work for most printers.
  • Well is it possible for some to have a homing sequence such that z comes before x or y.  I think that's against all CNC rules. But anyway , you can move the print head manually outside the work and then Home all.
    When I first encountered this problem in Repetier I started looking for solution how people had solved it.  I noticed that there were a lot of people with the same problem. Editing G-Code is Ok but it takes time and is tedious.
    The program is excellent. This is the only addition I would like to have so far.
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    homing to zmax solves this.... (that´s also the classic cnc-style)

    homing order can be selected


    so z is first.

    i use this on printer and also on my mill

    setting z-zero is done by z-probe (on printer with well leveled bed i dont use this, homing zmax is enough for me)
  • Yes i have it also that way on my mill. That is the safe z. I change that depending on height of my work. I think 3d printers have it usually x y then z. In my opinion z zero should also be set in positive direction in case end switch is on negative side e.g when leaving the switch. If you have stiff slides/bearings backlash could be a problem. Correct me if I'm wrong Repetier has it on negative side when hitting the switch.

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    you just have to select what side you want.
    see repetier configuration tool
    and of coarse you need endstop switch at correct position
  • OK, thanks!
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