I'm trying to develop a polar 3D printer. I'm used to use Repetier on my Cartesian one and I appreciate its simplicity. For the moment the connexion works (wifi/Duet bord), it says it's connected but nothing move when I try to launch the print or the manual movment. I need help in order to advance and finalize my project.
Thank for all people will take minutes to help me.

Best regards


  • Make sure to have the right firmware selected (I think you use RepRapFirmware here). Then check in console if commands work. Für RepRapFirmware there are also non gcode commands. Prepend a "#" for these lines to prevent them being handled like gcode.

    Enable all view switches in console to see full communication. If you see commands getting send and acknowledged by firmware then communication is good and problem is on firmware side or you just have no main power for motors/bed/extruder.
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