Front-end (touchscreen) freezes after emergency stop

I don't know is this bug or not but if I hit "Emergency Stop" button in touchscreen printer will make emergency stop (printer will reboot) but after this I can not control printer anymore. After some time and some button presses front-end will freeze totally and only way to recover it is to make reboot for Repertier-Server... Any thoughts were the problem could be?


  • Is this with latest version 0.90.3?

    I can not reproduce this at the moment. What often helps finding the issue is when you enable the javascript console in chrome to see if there are special error messages pointing to this. There are also some "good" error messages and infos, but you normally recognise bad errors if something goes wrong.

    In general a reset is just a disconnect followed by a connect and a send emergency command in case reconnect does not reset the printer. Another position to look at is the console. If communication is getting troubles you normally see something going wrong in the console.
  • Update... I changed my Ramps + Arduino Mega combo and flashed newest Repetier firmware. And after this, emergency stop problem is gone. So, obviously there were something wrong with my old configuration :)
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