clay printer- motor dc- help


I have a ramps 1.4 with 4 dvr8825.

I use this configuration for a clay printer. For this I changed the common extruder (of the 3d printers) by a peristaltic pump with same stepper motor.

However these motors are too small and I need a DC motor with high torque and big size.

Any idea how to control a DC motor with the stepper driver? Any similar project ? use M commands and other configuration ?

Thanks for help.


  • For a DC motor you can not control position or need some extra electronic to do so. I have seen a solution for a pump where a extra electronic used the stepper frequency measured and converted this into dc motor control for speed x. Not sure how good this worked, but it is the beast solution I can think off. In next firmware V2 we use a constant speed for every 5ms. here it would be possible to hack a communication into the firmware to send a 16bit value for speed to a DC motor controller to control speed.
  • with an encoder and a bridge h, to drive the motor. but not how to do it
  • I'm also only a software guy. For hardware problems I leave it to others.
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