Error: Wrong checksum


I am using Repetier Host V2.1.3 and using a HE3D K280 3D Printer. 

A couple of days ago when I started printing after a long siesta, I noticed I'm consistantly getting Error: Wrong checksum Resend: [Numbers]. 

"16:58:32.069 : Printing layer 1 of 194
16:59:44.021 : Error:Wrong checksum
16:59:44.021 : Resend:111
17:05:46.892 : Error:Wrong checksum
17:05:46.892 : Resend:247
17:05:46.906 : Resend:247
17:05:46.915 : Error:Format error
17:05:46.915 : Resend:247
17:05:46.932 : Error:Format error
17:05:46.932 : Resend:247
17:05:59.800 : Error:expected line 251 got 252
17:05:59.800 : Resend:251
17:05:59.816 : skip 253
17:06:12.921 : Error:Wrong checksum
17:06:12.921 : Resend:256
17:06:38.812 : Error:Wrong checksum
17:06:38.812 : Resend:266

I tried looking around online but no solution appeared to help. Any ideas?



  • These are normal communication errors. Make sure the input buffer cache is set correct. Normally 127 or 63 but you can also try 120 to be on safe side. If it doe snot come from buffer overflow it still can be a communication error with your printer. The fact that it can happen is the reason we use checksums to detect and correct them. Normally they are not so frequent as in your case. You might be using wrong baud rate, e.g. 230400 instead of 250000 or timing is just not really good. If you can you can also switch to 115200 baud in firmware and host. Not sure if the printer allows changing baud rate without uploading a new one. A shielded usb cable or shorter usb cable might also help.
  • Ok that helped thanks. 
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