Auto shutdown after print

Feature request, at least I did not found it... Can you add "Auto Shutdown" feature when print job is finished? Some selection for auto / manual shutdown in "Printing" display or under "param" in same window, for example.

This would be very handy and like this you can make decision during printing is there need to make auto shutdown or not. I use this kind of feature quite often, it's handy when print will finished in tje middle of night.
And it would be even more fancy if you can select some trigger to auto shutdown like when nozzle has cooled down to 50°C, for example.


  • You mean shutdown printer power? At least for printers with ATX power this might be an option also most printers do not have that possibility. Hopefully my next printer can do this so I have a test printer:-)
  • Yes, correct. My printer has this ATX power option (ATX pin) and it is controlled with commands M81 and M80, I think. Like it work even now in Repetier firmware and also in Repetier server...

    In meanwhile, maybe I can done this by means of external commands, somehow?
  • You could just send the power off command in the print end script after a delay. If this is unwanted you can just enable power again.
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