Time format


My plan is start to use Repetier server (Raspberry pi 3 B+ and 5" TFT) instead of MKS-TFT panel on my 3D printer. Repetier server looks very promising but I have one question: In "Printing" display there is ETA which is presented in 12h time format. Is it possible to change ETA time to 24h time format?


  • Unfortunately, it is compiled with us locale and time format can not be changed. Maybe in future it will select locale from selected language.
  • Ok, thanks for the info. It is not so big deal but I think that it would be more informative in 24h time format for european consumer... :)
  • I agree. As german i also prefer 24h format, also in that case the american might disagree. Hope to fix the problem with next rewrite.
  • 0.90.3 version has this improvement, great! And thanks a lot.
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