Importing .gcode files over USB on touchscreen is very clunky

I'm running the latest version on a Pi 3B+ and official 7in touchscreen. 

There should be a way to only show .gcode files, and also sort by name and date created at a minimum. 
Also, scrolling through the files is painfully laggy which could be overlooked if there was a way to sort them. 

My apologies if there is some way to sort, i've looked high and low and still cant find it. 


  • The only help for gcodes are the groups so each list is of limited length. These lists were never meant to be excessively long also I learned some users never delete a printed gcode, so we added the tags. Ordering in touch screen should be newest first. On the webinterface you also can change ordering. Scrolling speed depends on size and speed of the computer and here the pi is not really the fastest, so long lists can in deed be laggy.
  • I'm talking about the import function, when trying to select a file from a USB stick. 

    Files on the stick are in alphabetical order, and are not filtered to be only .gcode files. 
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