Re: ARM9 version ?

Intend to run Repetier-Server on ARM9 board with limited resources - LicheePi Nano. A lighter version that might be able to run on ARM9 with limited resources ?


  • I'm not sure it works on that board. We require ARMV7 but also debian linux and a sd card with 4GB. This looks more like a fast programmable board like Arduino without sd card. But if it has linux and 1GB RAM with sd card try it.
  • Thanks about the information. At Repetier server download web site (, there is a link to: Repetier-Server armel 0.90.4, but when I tried to install this, got the following error:

    dpkg: error processing archive Repetier-Server-0.90.4-Linux.deb (--install):
     package architecture (armhf) does not match system (armel)
  • You need to download the armhf version. YOu have the armel version for Raspberry Pi 1 and Zero.
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