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i am currently using a boxzy printer/lazer engraver/mill

Whenever I load up my P.C and load the programs to run my printer, I always have to disconnect the printer and reconnect the printer. Here is the error message i get:

Then shortly after starting a project, ill get something like this come up (the resend line is different each time, even when printing the same thing)(I am currently using the lazer engraver):

14:32:36.096 : N653 G0 X81.7*65
14:32:36.256 : ok 649
14:32:36.256 : N654 G0 X85.3 F600000*38
14:32:36.366 : ok 650
14:32:36.366 : ok 651
14:32:37.346 : ok 652
14:32:37.346 : N655 M117 ETE 30s*6
14:32:37.346 : N656 M105*34
14:32:37.456 : ok 653
14:32:37.686 : ok 654
14:32:37.686 : N657 L81.2 L100 L100 L100 L100 L100 L100 L100 L100 L100 L100 L57.6 L0 L0 L0 L0 L0 L0*117
14:32:37.786 : ok 655
14:32:38.186 : ok 656
14:32:38.186 : T:989.50 /0 @:0
14:32:38.386 : Resend:657
14:32:38.426 : ok
14:32:38.596 : Resend:657
14:32:38.596 : ok
14:32:38.796 : Resend:657
14:32:38.796 : ok
14:32:38.996 : Resend:657
14:32:38.996 : ok
14:32:39.196 : Resend:657
14:32:39.196 : ok
14:32:39.396 : Resend:657
14:32:39.396 : ok
14:32:39.596 : Resend:657
14:32:39.596 : ok
14:32:39.796 : Resend:657
14:32:39.796 : ok
14:32:39.996 : Resend:657
14:32:39.996 : ok
14:32:40.196 : Resend:657
14:32:40.196 : ok

any help would be greatly appreciated! :)


  • G-Code requires each letter to be only present once per line and
    N657 L81.2 L100 L100 L100 L100 L100 L100 L100 L100 L100 L100 L57.6 L0 L0 L0 L0 L0 L0*117
    has many L values. So make sure you have latest host which accepts illegal gcodes and sends them 1:1 maybe that helps here. I guess this is to make the engraver get multiple values faster but it requires that the line is not modified.
  • It looks like i am using the latest host, with the boxzy interface added on.

    Looking at the G-Code, there is a bunch of lines with the same letter repeated, and it does run though alot of them before stopping.
  • O, so if most work what is about the length of the lines? This has 89 chars. Input buffer on most firmwares is 127 byte, but if it would be 63byte that would be a problem. So do other lines work with similar length?
  • it varys, it dose not stop at the same place each time etc

    im currently trying to 3D print and keep getting:

    10:18:03.654 : Communication timeout - reset send buffer block

    every 10-15mins aswell.
  • That is a normal com error if firmware misses a "ok" from firmware. You can enable marlin to send line numbers and wait in advanced config. That makes recovering from this error much faster.
  • im kinda a novice at this kind of thing and dont actually know what that means.
  • To prevent overflows in communication hosts send a line and firmware repsponds with "ok" when it was read and buffer is free again. If a communication error causes the "ok" to become "o" or "k" it is not recogniced and firmware thinks the memory is in use. So if next command would then not fit into firmware host stops sending data as it still waits for the "ok". After a communication timeout host assumes it missed the "ok" and sends next command anyway to safe the print. If firmware now sends also a line number along with ok the host can see if there was a line missing and can therefore detect the missed "ok".
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