My printer was working great and then all mechanical parts stopped working.

So I have a home built printer with and aduino and ramps 1.4. I have had the printer for awhile and and using Repetier-Informer server and everything was working great. Printed countless things and then yesterday a print just stopped mid print. Kinda thought nothing of it and reprinted the part. So that was the beginning. Within 2 days I was having more and more prints stop mid print, was just getting worse and now today I had one stop and now my printer is frozen.

So things I have tested.
- printer has power(supply, auduino, all connectors.
- Repetier-Informer server acts like it is connected but will not turn anything on(motor don’t move, no heating, nothing.) although the LEDs on the board flicker like it thinks it’s working.
It’s like all signals are going in, just no outputs.


  • Sounds a bit like your ramps fuse has been triggered, so you only have 5v for the logic but no 12v for motors or heaters. In server go to console and enable ack and send e.g. M119 to see if communication is working. Then enable extruder and measure boltage at output within 10 seconds (before decouple test disables it anyway). If you get normal communication but no power it is a good chance it is the fuse on the ramps, also this should be a polyfuse and reset after a while. At least on my ramps board.
  • Thank you, I will give that a look and get back with th findings.
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