Usage of Project functionality

I see the value of the Project tab in ordering models and adding comments and images. It is way more useful than the 'group' functionality which is present in repetierserver. The latter is useful if you have a limited number of models and subjects, but it is missing multilevel ordering. 
I'm a bit surprised that it is not possible to print directly from the project tab. I've added a gcode file, sliced with S3D, to a project, but the only thing you can do is download, copy and delete it. Or am I missing something?
It's nice you can export an entire project, but for me it's not very clear what is the purpose of downloading a project. The .rsproj file apparently is a zip archive, which is very usefull. Can it be used to upload an entire project in e.g. thingiverse or grabcad?
Thanks for the brillant work @repetier-makers!!!


  • Projects are independent of printers so have no print function. However you can send a stored gcode to the printer model list or cooy gcodes from printer model list to project.

    it is also meant as one source for models once the slicer is integrated. And you can simply upload zips with stl to make them a project so if you download a thingyverse zip you can just put it there and have the previews, 3d view etc and can even search for text and tags.
  • Yep, I understand that projects are printer independent, but you could, in your project, prepare printer-specific .gcode files which you could save and export with the project. You could have a print button after which you should select the printer. It would make perfect sense. As long as there is no slicer in RepetierServer I would think a print option is very usefull.
  • You can already copy them to the printer models. Will think about a print button moving it to print queue or even starting print if the queue is empty.
  • Thx, would be very usefull. It would be great to have a personal repository with models, documentation, gcodes, etc with an option to print directly to a connected (or remote?) printer. 

  • You can only print to local printer, but a remote server can use a remote project so you can still print the gcode only from the frontend at the remote printer using this project remotely.
  • Just notices that the option to print gcode files directly from a project is implemented. Brilliant, thanks for this feature, works perfect (using 0.90.4)
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