Hotend temp is above 61c but less than 40c in Repetier

Printrbot Simple Metal, Rev F

I had to reflash my firmware. Since reflashing my hotend heats up but the temperature doesn't show up correctly in Repetier. For example, at 61c, Repetier shows it at less than 40 c. The temp of the hotend goes up high enough that I can't measure (I did get smoke the first time when I first noticed the problem) but the temperature in Repetier never goes up past 40c.

I'm not sure what is wrong. I have tried reflashing again. I'm just a beginner, so I'm not sure how to determine whether I have a hardware or software problem. Can anyone help me think through some solutions, please?


  • Make sure to select the right sensortype that your printer uses. Wrong types give wrong temperatures.
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